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JR Business Solutions serves small to midsize businesses to help overcome daily challenges of personnel management and safety compliance.  By providing human resources and safety services, we're able to improve their work environments with informed, best practice solutions. This includes assistance with employee relations, compensation & benefits, performance management, leadership and development, HR coaching, OSHA compliance, safety programs, and more. In addition to HR and Safety, we provide guidance to companies who need help getting their business strategy on track by using EOS tools and philosophy.




Human Resources Consulting
- Provide a free HR assessment
- HR laws and regulations
- Compensation & benefits
- Employee relations
- Training & development, grant writing
- Performance management
- Company policies and forms, employee handbook
- Employee onboarding & offboarding
- HR best practices with department development or organization

Safety Consulting - overall goal is to protect employees from workplace safety hazards and comply with state and federal health and safety regulations.
- Mock OSHA audits
- Troubleshooting safety hazards
- Develop safety programs
- Oversee safety training

Business Strategy | Organizational Development - bringing discipline and accountability into the organization with execution of company vision.
- Leadership team development and/or alignment
- Core values/ Core purpose creation
- Short and long term business planning
- Prepare and assist companies with organizational change

JR Business Solutions

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